Stanford EA is gonna be tough

from the caliber of people on CC and at my own school going EA to Stanford, the competition is gonna be incredible. does anyone else think so?

<p>I think so, since it's non-binding this year, everyone seems to be applying, one CCer said everyone and their mother is applying, so i predict a huge increase in ea rejections</p>

<p>Most definitely, my school is pretty competitive and so far we have 7 people applying to Stanford EA, and they are all amazing applicants (ie 4 1600s)</p>

<p>I actually think rd is going to be easier than ea simply because of the volume of people applying ea</p>

<p>well, they might just have a high EA admission rate. Then the RD rate could go down accordingly.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm definitely not happy about this huge increase in Stanford applicants...there are 11 from my school who also all have amazing stats. :(</p>

<p>4 from my school. all good. help.</p>

<p>Only me that I know of from my school is applying EA to Stanford. I personally think there will be less EA applicants this year than last year, since last year was the first year of the non-binding single-choice program, but still it will be very tough nonetheless.</p>

<p>Good luck everyone!</p>

<p>well does everyone think that maybe they'll just increase the number of applicants they'll take EA? I doubt there will be a EA acceptance quote, so maybe itll just be a greater EA acceptance rate, and a lesser rd rate...god i hope so lol.</p>

<p>I really hope so but its not too likely since they must leave a lot of space for RD applicants. At least I hope that you wont be competing against people from your school or region.</p>

<p>If they have a big jump in the number of EA applicants my guess is that they would just raise the number of deferrees.</p>

<p>I doubt that they would raise the number of deferees much, that just doesn't seem their style. I think if there are far more really great applicants early than last year, that they would just accept more, although probably not drastically more. </p>

<p>When we had a meeting with a college admissions rep from Stanford I think there were like 25 people there (out of a class of 85)! And I wouldn't be surprised if almost half of them were applying early. Hmm... so maybe I'm not getting in after all? The good news for us is that about 7 applied early last year, 4 got in early, and 2 got in regular (1 or 2 of which had been defered), or something like that.</p>

<p>at least 6 from my school. only 4 have a remote chance of getting in, i think. The other two are legacies with like no stats.</p>

<p>They have to leave room for the rd round, and they've never been big on deferring, so I think rejection rates will increase</p>

<p>I dont have TOO much competition from my area.... (SF East Bay) Out of the probably around 5 applying EA from my school, I would easily fall within the #1 or #2. And around my region.... the h.s. next to us is pretty weak(Albany High) due to their weak classes, lack of diversity and E.C.s.And the schools to the south of us... (Oakland School District) are just plain garbage... (some of these schools have graduation rates of like 20%) So.. yay for me.</p>

<p>If i have above average stats, should I bother applying to EA or would regular be better since the pool is less strong?</p>

<p>tenniscraze-if that's the case, you'll probably get deferred. If you have another school you want to apply to EA, they go for it because you don't want to waste your EA chance in a school that you'll most likely get deferred.</p>

<p>but i really want stanford so badly.... :( i've been there and i absolutely loved the experience, it's just that my C in physics will pull me down so bad (just that btw!) and i'm afraid applying to EA will be a waste? I dont know if I should even bother</p>

<p>well maybe if you bring up ur GPA this year, you'll have a better chance in the regular pool.</p>

<p>i agree with leely888, patience could be the difference between a rejection/defferral/eventual rejection and acceptance</p>