Stanford EA or RD??

<p>okay, i always get different results when i ask this question, so i'm just asking for more opinions. if i'm an international student, and i don't need financial aid, should i apply for EA or RD for Stanford??</p>

<p>Well, if Stanford's your first choice, you really have nothing to lose by applying EA, so why not give it a shot? Besides, your being able to pay full-fare as an international is going to give you an edge over the other international applicants, esp. since Stanford isn't need-blind to internationals.</p>

<p>Single choice EA</p>

<p>What if i am int'l and mystats are sort of average.... stanford is def my first choice but i have doubts applying EA because the pool is stronger than regular. So in saying this, my chances are relatively weak although it has a higher acceptance rate. Would i be better of applying regular?</p>

<p>still i would say EA coz it shows that Stanford is ur first choice, dont listen to all that stronger pool crap. Like supergirl said, no harm in applying, if u are stanford material they will at worst defer you</p>

<p>thanks, anybody else??</p>

<p>With EA accepting about over 30% of their applications, how many of those not accepted get deffered?</p>

<p>Stanford EA accepts 30% of applicants?!?!?!? Seems a little high...</p>

<p>If You do not need financial aid... You can choose which university You like most, and apply there... EA will boost Your chance of admission to Your first school, so logically - apply EA.</p>

<p>money problem is nothing, just go to a bank
i don't think you'll have a problem with $ if you get in to Stanford, banks'll loan you the money (just do well, so you can get a good job to pay them back). plus, if you graduate from stanford, or any other good schools such as the ivy league schools, i doubt you'll have problem finding a job, not to mention paying the bank back the loan. So don't worry about $, worry about acceptance, good luck :)</p>