Stanford EPGY - Worth it to take AP Physics C online during senior year?

<p>My school doesn't offer AP Physics. I want to take AP Physics C next year.</p>

<p>My school also does not offer AP Calculus BC, so I'm taking that online through some program my school has, but this program doesn't offer AP Physics C.</p>

<p>How is AP Physics C in Stanford's EPGY online high school program?</p>

<p>Any tips/advice appreciated.</p>

<p>Why not take a "physics for scientists and engineers" course at a local community college?</p>

<p>My school also does not have AP Physics. So I went the route ucbalumnus mentioned. I took/am taking calculus based physics 1 & 2 at a local community college. I believe the calculus based course is considered the one "for scientists and engineers" (that phrase is in the title of the textbook). Of course I had to use my AP Calculus score as a prerequisite to get into the course. So that may not be an option for you...</p>

<p>At many schools, the first course in the physics for scientists and engineers sequence is intended to be taken after first semester freshman calculus or AP calculus AB (of course, having completed more advanced math, such as second semester freshman calculus or AP calculus BC, is acceptable).</p>

<p>It is also expected that students take math courses alongside the physics courses, unless they complete the math sequence early. In particular, it is desirable to have had multivariable calculus when reaching electromagnetism in physics.</p>