"Stanford for our son"

<p>I ran into a gal I've known for quite a few years in the grocery store the other day. Her son, a third grader, was with her. He attends the very expensive local Episcopal day school. We started chatting and she asked me where my senior son (public school student) is off to for college. I replied most likely UC Davis, though he is still deciding between UCD and Cal Poly SLO. I remarked that I was thrilled with either choice. She replied, "Yes it is so nice to have them stay in Northern California." Then shrugged and said, "So, Stanford for our son." </p>

<p>Don't you just love it?</p>

<p>Did you want to slap her? I hope she calls you when her kid drunk dials her when he's 15.</p>

<p>Ah, but aren't current third graders the ones who will ahve the lowest number of applications in years, so they may have much better odds and her kid may drunk dial every one and still get into Stanford ;)</p>

<p>So much better planning to have a 3rd grader than a 17-22 year old.</p>

<p>What were we thinking :rolleyes:?</p>

<p>Hey, EVERYONE's firstborn is going to Stanford when he's in third grade. It's a nice time in the arc of a family. No need to introduce reality into her thinking -- it will come all by itself soon enough.</p>

<p>Hey collegemom16- </p>

<p>Let your gal pal know that if they live in CA <bay area="" specifically=""> her little wunderkind better be off the hook fantastic come application time. It's all about the national demographics. In fact you might even suggest they move out of state to give him a better chance...............then you won't have to bump into her smug self anymore :D</bay></p>

<p>XD That's too awesome.</p>

<p>UCD is a great school, as is CPSLO. :) One of my all-time favorite teachers went to UCD. Good luck to your son!</p>

<p>Thanks everyone! Our daughter is at UCD and we know what a gem of a school it is. I'm happy with either choice for my son. MOWC The drunk dialing comment is so true it hurts!</p>

<p>LOL For a second I thought this thread said Sanford and Son</p>

<p>I was sorting through my son's old school art projects and papers last week.
One of the papers was a Q&A (third grade I think) with a couple of simple questions, including "Where do you want to go to college?" "Princeton" he wrote.
I remember those days... I didn't plant that idea in his head...not sure where he got it. He stuck with it until junior high or so. Then in junior year of high school, I remember him getting a big envelope with a brochure from Harvard (he had great scores). "Mom" he said "these guys don't know me do they?"
Not that he could get in if he wanted to, but he just couldn't see himself going to a top Ivy.<br>
He's at Penn State. Very happy. Doing great.
Our next door neighbor has a second grader. "Harvard" he says. Yeah, right...</p>

<p>Maybe when he completes 5th grade she'll have a better read and have him just jump straight to grad school. I get this stuff all the time being involved in our local youth baseball program. My son played college baseball and I'll get alot of comments from people about what their son/daughter is going to be doing in sports and then come to find out they are still in t-ball. These delusions take many years to formulate and don't die easily.</p>

<p>The other night my son walked into the kitchen with his rejection letter from San Diego State University (LOL) and a view book that Columbia University sent him. As he tossed the Columbia view book into the trash he quipped, "What were they thinking? I got rejected from San Diego State!"</p>

<p>^^^collegemom16, I like his style!</p>

<p>Stanford</a> Public Schools</p>

<p>^^ And it's in the Northwest!</p>

<p>Why am I always drinking milk when I open these threads!</p>