Stanford Hopeful

<p>Here are my stats:</p>

<p>SAT I: 770 Verbal, 710 Math (1480 total)
Sat IIs: 760 US History, (taking writing and math iic in November; projected scores are definitely 700+)
GPA: 4.48 (tied in #1)
Family Income: ~$30,000 (a little less)</p>

<p>My school is very urban with a student population of 2500+ students. </p>

<p>Classes Senior Year:
OCAD (zero period)
Ap Studio Art
Ap English Lit
Ap Bio
Ap Govt
Ap Calculus</p>

<p>I've basically taken the most academically challenging classes available at my school.</p>

<p>Ap Scores: 3 - Physics , 3 - Chemistry, 4 - US History</p>


<p>Secretary General of Model United Nations Program
4th year member of Academic Decathlon
Vice-President of Key Club
3rd year member of Mock Trial
Volunteered at the Public Library for most of last year</p>

<p>My family are Vietnamese refugees who came to America in 1992 with virtually nothing except for an undying hope for the better. We came to America because my mom's side of the family had political connections to the former South Vietnamese gov't. and thus, were severely persecuted. My sister went to community college, then a Cal State, and is now pursuing her masters in Library Science. My brother is in the Army. I'm the third and middle of five children and am a refugee myself.</p>

<p>Questions for you guys:</p>

<p>1) Will being Asian hurt me? since I'm not an underrepresented minority. Do they differentiate between South East Asians and East Asians like Koreans and Chinese?
2) Will it be too trite and cliched to emphasize my refugee status in my essays?
3) What are my chances at UCLA, Stanford, or Berkeley? And perhaps even uber reach schools like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.</p>

<p>im not sure if thats good enough for stanford. i think the colleges are raising the standards for asians. u might qualify for the UCs, but yeah. kinda hard for stanford.</p>

<p>Without the amazing family story and the fact that I'm a white male, your stats/ECs are similar to mine, and I'm applying Stanford EA too. Good luck!</p>