Stanford Humanities Institute 2021

Hi! I would like to open a thread for anyone who’s interested in applying, or have applied, for the Stanford Summer Humanities Institute.

I have applied to the topic of Revolution since it is always an interesting topic for me, but I’m still hesitating on choosing this program since I’ve got other options and I’m really not sure about the changes caused by online-learning, so I would love to know some more experience and discuss with others! Feel free to share your course(s) selections, your previous experience, the application process, or everything related!


I am thinking to apply this year too and have other options too, so hope someone can share!

applied for Greek and beyond. I am just interested in learning philosophy from my brief exposure in history classes…but I never systematically studied philosophy before.

I’m wondering the same thing!

hey i just received news that i’m waitlisted. does anyone have a similar experience and can speak on that? e.g. the chances and when they notify you etc.

specifically, there’s a space for updates that says “If you wish to add anything to your application, please enter it here. Examples include: clarifying interest in your selected courses, schedule availability, updates to your academics or extracurricular activities, or you can provide more recent grades/transcripts.”

not sure if I should be writing an essay here to demonstrate interest? or is that just obnoxious and i should just put bullet points of updates

I got waitlisted too…not sure what to do next

I recommend sending them a letter of continued interest. You can put it in the section you mentioned or just email it to them. Give them some updates on what you accomplished since the application was due and restate why you would like to attend.

Waitlisted too and I attended the program last year. I felt I had a much stronger application this year too. Just a hyper-competitive world out there right now I guess. Yikes! Keep pushing forward.

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From your experience last year, do you think it’s feasible to do online SSHI simultaneously with another program (that has around 5 hrs of work per day)?

Yah I also have the same question. I was accepted into both yygs and sshi this year which has a three days overlap time

Oh hey guys, I wonder if there is a group chat of any sort for sshi this yr?? I just got accepted into revolution session2 this yr

Just wondering… would the number of rec letters impact the application significantly? My history teacher sent in a really strong letter yet I still got rej… friends in my school got in last year

Actually I don’t think so, it might be one of the components being considered but it won’t be a great impacted. And maybe this year it’s just extremely competitive, I got waitlisted too.

hi! I got into revolutions session 2 too!

did anyone else apply to Ancient Rome and Its Legacies? I got into session 1

me too do you all want to make a gc?

totally! ig gc?

I got accepted for the Jefferson Era Session 1, does anyone know how selective SHI is?

both of my sons have participated in SSHI, in person and online. I would not suggest doing two programs. While online is less intense than the regular program, there is still quite a bit of reading/work and there are scheduled group and TA meetings.