Stanford Humanities Institute

Has anyone here attended the Stanford Humanities Institute online? I got accepted for the Racial Identity session but I wanted to hear some feedback from anyone who had attended the online camp. I’ve heard very good reviews about the in-person camp, but I’m unsure about the online camp and whether or not it is worth $3000 for 2 weeks of instruction. Please let me know - thanks!

I took that class! Really fun and enriching, and the profs are super nice and intellectually stimulating. I’d take it–I know it’s kinda lame that it’s online, but all my friends (a grade older than me, matriculating in the fall) are going to Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Stanford, etc. so seems helpful on apps. Obviously only a subset of people actually take summer courses like these, but I hope you enrolled.

The Stanford Humanities Institute takes place at Stanford, a top ten school with an acceptance rate of 4.3% .