Stanford Institutes of Medical Research (SIMR) 2008

<p>Hello everyone!</p>

<p>The deadline to postmark your applications have just passed. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Is anyone else applying to this?</p>


<p>i applied and sent it in today LOL. mannn if i get in, i will be forever grateful. fgdshgdgsah. it's like a freaking dream program ;_______________;</p>

<p>just curious, where are you located?</p>

<p>ugh i seriously doubt i'm getting in though</p>

<p>i had to rush some paperwork to get in by my school's deadline of yesterday</p>

<p>i heard they weight heavily on transcript/test scores?</p>

<p>^what paperwork did you have to rush?</p>

<p>and yeah i heard it's strongly number based (i don't know if that's a good thing for me? :/ i have one B and 34 ACT...), but the essay can help people pull through also. even with that, I HIGHLY DOUBT i'll get the chance to go to this thing :(</p>

<p>any of you willing to share essays now that the deadline is over? i'm curious :)</p>

<p>I had to rush my essay in because the office needed the envelope a day before to get my rec & transcript in. It was hectic.</p>

<p>And my essay is crap, you don't want to see it.</p>

<p>i doubt it is worse than mine LOL :/</p>

<p>dude, I know!!!
I literally wrote mine in 30 minutes, because my friend and i procrastinated it for SO LONG.</p>

<p>It has to be postmarked by the 15th, not received by then, right?</p>

<p>cud u not have posted this thread BEFORE the deadline have passed...thus giving a lot of ppl chance to consider this program?</p>

<p>yes, postmarked.</p>

<p>well forgive me. I'm new to cc and i had no idea how to make a thread until yesterday.</p>

<p>anyways, how do you guys think the chances are? should there be more slots this year, considering that instead of just immunology they now have neuroscience and stem cell research labs?</p>

<p>i thought about that too, and I REALLY REALLY HOPE THEY DO, but i have a bad feeling that just because they have 5 institutes instead of 1 or 2 doesn't mean they're going to allow more applicants. they might just have it so that there are like 5ish students per institute :(</p>

<p>oh yeah vp do you want to swap essays by any chance?</p>

<p>sure! mines rreallllyyy bad tho.....</p>

<p>hey btw do you guys know when we get notified?</p>

<p>WAIT ... are you guys talking about the internships cause .. i thought the apps for those were due on feb 1?</p>

<p>i think april 1st, was it?
its going to be posted on the website.
the names of the acceptees i mean.</p>

<p>really? feb. 1st? oh crap, then i'm two weeks late hahaa
yeah this is for the internships.
hopefully you're thinking of a different one =]</p>

<p>No, I'm not talking about a different one and I'm pretty sure they were due on February 1st. If it is April 1st though, thank God, cause I didn't get a chance to submit my App cause I thought it was February 1st and my Chem teacher did not give me her recommendation until January 31st. </p>

<p>I guess I'll just have to apply for '09.</p>

<p>But I wrote my essay and everything )=</p>

<p>the deadline for the postmark is february 15th - i'm pretty positive, considering it's written in bold letters on the application.</p>

<p>APRIL 1ST IT IS. dang it i'm going to be like counting down -_-</p>

<p>eh if i count down, that means i'm getting my hopes up</p>

<p>i had about 7-8 people apply from my school alone</p>

<p>so i don't have any expectations for it</p>

<p>i think i had about that many apply too :(</p>

<p>shoot really?
i think it was just me and my friend that applied...
because my school's extremely nerdy and all, it's just that we're not big in summer programs. which i guess is good for me? but then i don't get to hear about all the good programs...</p>

YEA i'm nervous too.
Let's hope there are tons of extra slots this year!</p>