Stanford/IVY/Vanderbilt/T20 CHANCES

International student not applying for financial aid
Intended major- Sociology and Communications

Should I apply REA at Harvard/ Stanford or ED at something like Vanderbilt?

GPA- 3.805 (UW)
ACT- 31


  1. Cricket athlete (3 years nationals and 1 international tournament, captain of school team, nationally ranked)
  1. Started 2 startup projects. (first one aimed at promoting literacy and donated $2200 to local NGO, second one aimed at environmental conservation- designed sensor dustbins and received investment from HCL) Was also featured in a local magazine.
  2. Worked on a world series book with an author from UK and got it published by Cavendish Sq in New York. Only student selected for this country-wide.
  3. President of 3 School clubs- Model UN, Entrepreneurship and Debating. National MUN President. 32+ MUNs and debates. 7 Best delegate awards. 12 Executive board positions.
  4. Lead Volunteer in community service project. raised $7000+ in food supplies for village residents. 400 hours of volunteering thru high school.
  5. Pursued 2 internship opportunities as sociology research intern at regional institutions. published research paper in magazine.
  6. Started volunteer kitchen to provide subsidised meals and food supplies to people going thru financial hardship due to Covid-19.
  7. Vice President of student council from grade 11-12.
  8. Organised 3 Model UN conferences and 2 Entrepreneurship summits in my school.

This is just a gist of what my ECs look like. I have presented my ECs nicely on my application. My LORs are fairly strong as I asked teachers who know me well. in place of my counsellor, My principal has given me her recommendation(she only does this for a select few students)

An unhooked international with a likely academic rating of 3 is going to have a chance approaching zero at H.

Extracurricular activities do not make up for GPA and ACT scores at the Ivies. Everything has to be perfect. As an international student, your chances go down even further.

As far as Vanderbilt goes, its 25th percentile ACT score is 32, and that bottom quarter is effectively reserved for groups with relaxed admission requirements (think legacy, URM, athletes, etc.). So your chances of admission at Vanderbilt are also low.