Stanford OHS Admission Decisions

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows when the 2019-2020 Stanford OHS Early Decision date is. Does anyone know when the admissions decisions will be e-mailed? All the official website has is an ominous “mid-March.”

Based on what has happened in previous years, the decisions should be released this Friday on the admissions portal. I believe emails should be sent out shortly afterward.

Received an email from OHS today that they will release Round One application decisions late next week.

If you were accepted, when is the deadline to commit? My dd applied for second round.

We were accepted today! The deadline to commit for R1 applicants is April 1st. @amg1977

My kid got accepted too!

My Daughter got wait listed, is there a chance she might get in?

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Congrats to everyone who got in! @meddraj1017 I think it should be possible, but OHS’s yield rate has been pretty high in recent years. Whatever happens, best of luck to you and your daughter.

any info on how to improve chances?

I don’t have any solid info, but if your daughter has won an impressive award since submitting the application, I would recommend sending in an update. Wouldn’t hurt if she also sent the OHS admissions committee an email about her continued interest in the school.

Of all the acceptances and waitlists, what were your stats?

1500 on SAT, got full admission into 8th grade


My Daughter recently got accepted at John Hopkins CTY as well as a very selective science program and was waitlisted at Stanford OHS. I saw that someone said that it could be useful to send in updates about your child and I was wondering if this could be effective. Her current school situation is not ideal and she is really hoping she can go to OHS.

Her stats were 1220 on the PSAT, she was waitlisted.

@CrackersCrayons Sending in an update seems like a good idea to me if your daughter’s really set on OHS. I am not sure how much it will help and I don’t know how many people OHS accepts from the waitlist (or how many people are on the list), but it can’t hurt. You did not specify what grade your daughter is in, but maybe she could apply again next year if she isn’t accepted this year. Good luck!

My daughter applied for sophomore year. Her current school has caused a lot of problems for her, and she is very set on going to OHS. We tried to explain to her that we can’t wait till July, that we’ll put her on her waitlist and see if she can go if she’s accepted, but for now she is continuing at her other school. This caused her to have an almost meltdown. I want the best for and I really don’t know what I should do. If I send an update Im afraid I’ll sound almost like one of those parents who are really pushy and drive her away from Stanford OHS.

I think any updates should be sent by your daughter herself if she is set on going. But OHS isn’t the only place where she can get a good education. I know homeschooled students who take courses from multiple online outlets, so maybe that’s an option. I’ve also heard of people who are technically enrolled at their district public schools but take all their classes through local community colleges.

@h2omolecule than you for being so helpful. I’ll make sure to tell my daughter that she can send an update in herself. Also our daughter currently goes to a private school and our public school system is quite poor. We told her we would not allow her to homeschool as we are very busy and do not have the time.

1220 on the PSAT for sophomore may not survive in OHS. It is very tough school.