Stanford OHS Round 1 2020 Decision?

Hi, does anyone know when round 1 decisions for OHS will be released? I looked at last year’s posts and saw it was around March 23. I realize it is only another 10 days and no point being anxious, but can’t seem to help it.

Should be around the 20th … I guess…

Do they email for setting up interviews? We applied on Jan 15 (not in November) so not sure whether how their interview process fits in decision making.

Thank you.

I just got an email saying decisions will come out on the afternoon of March 20.

Thanks. Just saw that too. All the best for everyone who applied. This is the first application ever to anything for my child, and despite the wisdom of parents of older children who have said time and again, it is futile to stress and an admission into (or rejection from) a prestigious school doesn’t mean it translates to their academic growth, I find that I’m still anxious :-().

My son got in :slight_smile:

Congrats! Mine too :-). He got the full admission outcome. Looking back at the past week, don’t know why I still worries.

What grade is yours going in? We have 10 days to sign up…

Congratulations. My daughter got full admission as well. Just wondering, have you received parent’s email with enrollment package? I have not received it .

Yes, I received the email that has links for accepting the offer and enrollment agreement that needs to signed by March 30.

In fact, I urgently need some advice on the enrollment type to select. My son is interested in starting out with one course but i hesitate to select single enrollment since the course he wants has a pre-requisite / placement assessment. It is possible he won’t get what he wants. Should I select part time so I request for more than one and then in the three week period after schedule is published in May decrease enrollment to single? Is it looked down upon or is fairly common for first time students to decrease enrollment in the “allowed drop period”? After a year, I feel comfortable for him to take on more load…Any advice?

Thank you. Unfortunately, I can’t help:

I applied for R2 and was sadly rejected.