Stanford Online High School 2022-2023 Applicants - Chances?

Hi, I just applied for Stanford OHS (Stanford Online High School) full-time 10th grade and does anyone have an idea what my chances are?

Here are some info about me:

He/him in California (one of those good but not best students)

Only 2 recommendations (History & Science), but I did the video essay and I really like it.

Science competitions (chemistry), school sports team, award for a science paper, in orchestra

Although I don’t have any volunteering yet and I only filled ~7 or so activities nor standardized testscores, so I think that might be a weak spot.

Does anyone have an idea the probability I can be accepted for full admission? I’m quite confident for single course in science but I’m more interested in full-time.

I only filled out 4 activities and now I’m getting nervous about it. 1 was a sport, 1 was something I’ve done for almost a decade now, 1 was something that I’m really really good at and have won national awards at, but the last was something I just started this year with a ton of interest but have nothing to show for it over the past 5 months. :grimacing:

wow your first activity sounds very strong
By the way, does filling less than 10 activities put you at a disadvantage?

I don’t know. I’m also an applicant but I’ve heard that you shouldn’t fill out so much that they aren’t sure what your true commitments and interests are. I’m slightly worried that my 4 will weaken me although one is a very strong one

I didn’t know that before—Because I know a much more OP friend who does like debate, 2 instruments, 1 sports, 1 volunteering (or maybe even 2) and both physics and chemistry competitions.
If you add all that up, together with some school awards, it’ll probably reach 10 activities.

But I suppose it’s fine if you show super outstanding achievements or passion in one area.