Stanford or columbia summer school?

<p>Hi, I am a rising high school sophomore, and I was doing some research as to which summer program to attend next year. I have looked at many, but my final choice lies between Stanford and Columbia. I think the idea of being placed in New york is amazing, which Columbia offers, but on the other hand, i like the acadamia and longer course duration offered by Stanford. Could anybody give me some advice which would help me make the decision? </p>

<p>Thanks a lot

<p>hi i went to the summer at columbia and i had one of the best times of my life
i was also considering between the one at stanford and the columbia one. For columbia, you dont need to take the sats, whereas stanford requires you to take them to get in.
The courses at columbia was pretty rigorous, i ended up writing a 30 page report for my final “project.” I got to know the professor (graduate school professor at columbia) really well and ended up getting a reccommendation letter from her which was a bonus
i reccommend the columbia one but keep in mind that i havent gone to the stanford one</p>

<p>I took the chemistry seminar in 2009 at Columbia. A lot of kids were there just to party but I liked the class and thought the experience was pretty good. Nice prof, interesting class. There’s not much supervision for the summer program and you can pretty much do whatever you want in NYC, so some kids really take advantage of the freedom.</p>

<p>rlaxodn - thanks for the response. I like the idea of not having to take Sats, as i study in england, and a lot of special arrangements have to be made to take the exams, as it isnt part of our curriculum.</p>

<p>Also, would you regard yourself as a good student? Or were you there to have fun, and in that process, done well and achieved the reccomendation?</p>

<p>Did many people aquire reccomendations? When did you do the program? Which course did you take?</p>