Stanford or UPenn for REA/ED?


ik both schools i will 99.99% not get into but applying because i dont currently have an ed1 school in mind so my parents just said to shoot to the moon, so here are the 2 im choosing between. here are the current pros and cons i have in mind for each, plz correct me if wrong and any advice is appreciated!

intended major: neuroscience / child studies

i understand both schools are basically the same academically (for my major?), amazing opps, won’t be easy, i will likely suffer from imposter syndrome, but will def go if i get in.


  • pros: less competitive/more collaborative, amazingg weather, closer to home
  • cons: quarter system, ruralness, surrounding area expensive


  • pros: more opportunities like for premed (more urban area, which i really love), cheaper surrounding area, im also a very indecisive person so seems better for interdisciplinary (& maybe interested in entering business, so penn good for that)
  • cons: way more competitive/cutthroat bc of its preprofessionality, more people seem lonely, weather (im spoiled by socal weather), far from home (im a family-oriented person and will appreciate seeing my family v often)

You’ll have a better chance (however small it may be :wink:) at UPenn.


Granted it was some time ago, but I never felt that Penn was competitive or cutthroat. Possibly Wharton, but not really the College. I actually partially went there for the Biological Basis of Behavior major, but ended up in psychology.