Stanford Roommate Essay Question

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>Are you supposed to write the letter to your future roommate as if you are already attending Stanford and you left a letter for them in your dorm room telling them some stuff
for example:
Hey Roomie,
Sorry about keeping you up all night. You know how hard it is for me to resist a Big Bang Theory marathon....etc
or are you supposed to write it in the present day and you're telling your future roommate about yourself
for example:
Hey future roomie,
Well, I guess I should tell you that I'm a sleepwalker, so if you wake up and see that I'm laying on the quad...well you know what happened.</p>

<p>While the latter is what most people typically do, I think the first approach you mentioned is actually really creative!</p>

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<p>I got accepted REA and wrote mine to a future roomate. Although I don't think it matters too much. I think the biggest thing is creativity, I wrote my whole essay about how much I despise optimists lol. Just make it clever and original and don't stress too much (I know it's hard).</p>

<p>haha I really like the perspective of writing it a current roommate in the future! I wrote mine to a future roommate though. I think you should have fun with it, especially considering how serious the other essays could get. Really consider the question-- if you were sitting across from your future roommate right now, what would you say to them? I'm a bit of a rambler in person, even though my writing voice is usually pretty clear-cut, so my roommate essay's tone was a little more meandering and jittery than my other ones.</p>

<p>My S letter to future roommate is personal. He spoke about himself - more like introducing himself. And he did it in a unique way! He talked about the contents of his notebook! He described how everything that's stored in it tells all about him - the documents, pictures, music, web browsing history, etc. I guess it worked, so be creative:)
Looking back, he & I believe that his essays sealed the deal for him (esp the Why Stanford essay, which was already phased out). Everything was written so simple but very unique presentation, and he spoke from the heart:)</p>

<p>Is there a preference on talking about one trait versus painting an overall picture of yourself (qualities not visible in the rest of the app)?</p>

<p>thanks for your feedback!
I'd like to know your opinions on GlobalDolphin's question too. I wrote a rough draft writing to my current roommate in the future, and it basically talks about what our plans for the day are, so it meanders and touches on just a bunch of my interests.</p>


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Well I'm not a professional on the subject or anything, but I would say that writing about one thing would be beneficial. I doubt they have a specific preference either way, but I think it would be easier to write a concise, thoughtful essay about one trait (as writing about yourself in general could cause your essay to lose focus). Sure, if your essay about you in general can stay on topic that would be great, but don't just describe yourself and your hobbies, they won't like that.</p>