Stanford STaRS Research Program Interview

Hey! Does anyone know how the interviews for Stanford STaRS works? What do they ask? Thanks!

Hey. Your comment is from a while ago, but I’m applying for the same program. Hopefully your interview went fabulous, so I was wondering the same question you had two years ago. What did they ask you in the interview phase? Thanks!!

Hi! I applied this year too. They said that interview invites come out by the end of feb, but I didn’t receive any email… Were you notified of your status?

Hey! Nope, I haven’t received any update yet either. I’m thinking they will release on Feb 28. LMK if you receive word.

of course!

hello! i also applied and its february 28th, have you all received anything yet?

not yet… maybe later today (fingers crossed) :joy:

sameee i kinda wish they would do acceptance anddd rejection emails so you just know for sure lololol

oh wait… we don’t get an email if we we’re rejected?

honestly i have nooo idea thats just how i interpreted it from their page since they said they would only notify the interview candidates. but maybe they will!

Any updates guys? Do they send rejection emails as well?

Zero. This is crazy

i agree i cant believe no ones gotten anything its so nervewracking

I wish they would give a definite date of when they are going to release the decisions… :weary:

fr tho :weary::man_dancing::sweat::bangbang:

To those who are applied, what is your profile like?

If only around 20 people are invited each year, then that batch probably already got their inquiries. Sorry guys, they should at least be sending updates to applicants

I don’t think so… It says “exact date TBD” for when candidates are notified for interviews on the website. Maybe they needed more time?

Yeah, they removed the March date entirely. Has anyone tried emailing the contact to see if they needed more time or if something happened?

i got an email; rejected