Stanford Transfer Success Stories

Hey guys, am planning to transfer to Stanford from Kennesaw state university in the fall of 2020-hopefully.
I wanted to proactive about my research to I thought it would be a great idea to open this forum to research the different stats and information/background of successful Stanford transfers. I see my current school as a massive stepping stone to Stanford (because if possible would be a miraculously awesome chance in my life. One that I could never quantify!), It’s a long shot, but the only way to get a shot is to apply.
So, if you’ve applied to Stanford as a transfer student and gotten in, please, please, please share everything you can with me about your stats, info, essay, tips, etc! Thanks a lot!!!

hey! I am applying to transfer from Berkeley. (I actually just started a thread for other applicants to post their stats, so feel free to join that one (it’s called 2020 Fall Transfer Stanford, I think).

Great to informally meet you and thanks for posting this thread!