Stanford Transfers Admissions for 08: Slim to none??

<p>I saw the following message, copy-pasted from an official email, in another thread.</p>


We have received nearly 25,000 applications for admission (the largest in Stanford's history), which means that we will be able to offer admission to just 10% of those students who have applied.
Considering how they only let in about 20 transfers last year (which was already an all-time low) can we expect the cut-off to be even harsher this year? Is it likely that they'll pull a Harvard and not admit any transfers, or will the number of transfers fit on one hand?


<p>A lot of people had assumed that the number of transfers would regulate itself back to the 80+ norm of previous years, but with this new piece of info I'm definitely alarmed at the outcome. And by alarmed I mean ****ting myself a thick pair of brown slackers.</p>

<p>no one really knows for sure but admissions this year are supposed to be the most competitive in history everywhere and I'm sure that will affect transfers as well.</p>

<p>aaaand.....fetal position and sobs.</p>

<p>haha don't feel so bad, we're all in the same boat. I've done everything but actually committed to go to my safety school just because I know that admissions are going to be really competitive this year.</p>

<p>Everyone seems to be so disturbed by the fact that these schools are lowering or getting rid of their transfer admissions. The fact of the matter is that these school really have no reason to let students in. We're just fortunate that they do. I did not apply to either Stanford or the H-Bomb, but good luck to all of you who did.</p>

<p>Nobody said that they HAD to let transfers in. Just like they are legally allowed to place application quotas on freshmen too. Doesn't mean we can't have feelings about the matter seeing as we're transfer applicants and whatnot.</p>

<p>This is no cause for alarm, guys. I did up a table a few days ago, and this would not be a huge freshman admission number. Here's a little data:</p>

<p>Year........Fr. Applied..Fr. Admit..Tr. Admit

<p>So, then it's just guesses as to how many "nearly 25,000" applications is, and which side of 10% they're going to fall on. Then you have to guess at the conversion rate: how many of those Freshmen will accept Stanford's offer. Then you have to look at how many spots they have open for undergraduates 2008-2009. This e-mail is only a small piece of the picture and doesn't really let us know much.</p>

<p>Hope this helps,

<p>Wow, that was a huge drop between 06 and 07.</p>