Stanford University Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

Man compared to the Yale EA thread, this one is quite quiet. Same with the Harvard and Princeton ones so I guess everyone’s laying low. My kid is crushed from yesterday and has no interest in even checking the portal for this school.

Congrats to those who got in or deferred! Tough luck to the denied. There is a college for you, as they say.

ETA: I don’t even think the portal astrology from earlier this year looks good for us so I’m going to go watch a movie and let the kid get to it when he gets to it.

Awe! Hugs to your student and you! Where was their dream school that crushed their spirit???

Congrats! Can you share her stats, please?

Yale. Not necessarily dream but the only Ivy he applied to. I told him to go ahead and try the others for RD. Cornell, Columbia, Penn and Brown email him non-stop, every day.

He is a music performance so he’s focused on Music at other schools/non-Ivys.




Did he apply to both Yale and Stanford for EA? Just curious since both are restricted early action.


both bc of a special music program exemption I believe. Not sure tho. The GC/Music dept cleared it

ETA: you can’t do EA when submitting a music supp. Can only do REA so the usual restrictions don’t apply

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Also, you’re from Maryland? ETA: Bc I think your DD got into UMBC early (CONGRATS!) and deferred Yale REA so also benefitted from an exception. Good luck to her on Yale! That’s Amazing!


My daughter got a rejection……

Yes from MD :+1:. Thank you. Umbc is public school so public schools are the exception fortunately. It would have been tough going into regular decision. Good luck to your son and with his Stanford decision. My DD’s friends who applied to Stanford - found out the one got deferred, one got rejected, and one acceptance.

Good luck! Just press on.

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Stanford and Yale’s music departments cleared it? I have never heard of this exemption. Is it explained on the websites of these schools?

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Scroll down to exceptions and there’s a part about “special academic programs” - I’m guessing this is it:

Thank you @UnsentDementor. Who knew? Not me, as I mentioned. This is an important exemption for music kids.

ACT: 35
GPA: 4.00 (UW) / 5.6 (Weighted)
14 APS: All 5s
President of Stud Government (Elected) - has been involved in it with progressively increasing responsibility for 4 years
Local School Council Representative
Selected to serve on State Educational Advisory Council (1 of 23)
Started and runs her own 501c3
President of a few other clubs
NM Scholar
Spanish Seal of BL (that’s not our first language)
She has a lot of other activities revolved around tutoring, mentoring etc amongst other things


Rejection for my son.

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Daughter was rejected. Knew it would be tough to get in, but still disappointed
Class Rank #1 (4.0 / 97% unweighted, top weighted GPA & toughest course load in 6+ years)
Spike in math - Calc BC 10th grade, Multivariable Calc 11th grade, Linear Algebra + Diff Eq 12th grade
Eight APs - evenly split 5s and 4s
1540 SAT + NM Semifinalist
XC & Track (varsity on a strong team, but not a star runner)
10yrs piano - RCM level 9 + local competitions
All-State Classical Guitar + Mariachi Band + Varsity Music Letter
Science Bowl (3rd place at state)
Legacy (Dad has MSEE from Stanford)
Strong Essays

5 applied REA to Stanford from top tier private school, 4 rejected, 1 accepted (impossible to know for sure, but as all applicants were very strong it appears the winning “hook” was being Native American with strong cultural ties and activities - as consolation I told my daughter she was unlucky to apply this year, things could change dramatically depending on the supreme court case outcome)
The Scoir scattergram for the school from previous years reflects the challenge - 3 acceptances out of about 50, many with top grades & test scores.

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I hope your daughter is ok! Mine has quickly recovered! The only thing she was missing was stand out leadership….other than that she checked all of the boxes!

I knew it was a really long shot as an international applicant but I am quite disappointed. I was hoping I had a profile good enough to at least get deferred to the regular round. Making me question if I have a shot at any of my targets and reaches.


Unlike many schools, Stanford defers very few students. They try to make a decision and not string applicants along. It’s almost always admit or deny.