Stanford University - IntroSem Courses Question with regards to pre-med

Hi! I’m applying to Stanford this fall and have a few questions. It would be great if anyone could please take a moment to help me out!

I’ve been digging around the Stanford website for a while and have been looking into IntroSem classes. Can anyone elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of taking IntroSem (especially in the context of also pursuing a pre-med track)? I know some can count for GER and the basic pro is that they’re small + you can get ahead in research + your instructors actually want to be there to teach + you can meet people with the same interests as you.

Also, does the IntroSems catalogue undergo significant changes each year? As in, if I’m interested in taking a specific course that’s offered this year, is it likely that the same course will be available next year?

Thank you for your help! (-:

I forgot to include this in the above post, but does anyone also have any specific recommendations for IntroSem courses to take as a freshman/sophomore?