Stanford vs. Harvard

<p>I am interested in majoring in business/engineering. In my school in the past few years, only 1/19 people was admitted to stanford. however, 6/22 people were accepted at Harvard. I am considering either doing SCEA at Stanford or at Harvard. I like Stanford a little more because it is good for engineering, whereas i don't know what majors Harvard are famous for; however, I think harvard is easier to get into because of the previous acceptance rates at my school. Considering everything, which school should i apply SCEA?</p>

<p>Neither school offers a business major.</p>

<p>It doesnt matter where you go because they are equal academically, no matter what any ranking says. If engineering ranks for Harvard are getting you down, take classes at MIT (apparently it is better than Stanford at engineering, who knew). I would say apply Harvard EA so you have a shot at one. It seems like you have no chance at Stanford because the one kid could have been an alum or athlete (which you may not be). Harvard is the safest bet (which says very little because it is impossible to get into).</p>

<p>Impossible in a relative sense, someone has to fill the freshman class. ;)</p>

<p>And btw, the acceptance rates may favor Harvard from your school, but overall Harvard is the more selective school (and I'm not just saying that, as I lean more towards Stanford overall).</p>

<p>The previous poster is right, you can take engineering classes at MIT. Note that the rankings between MIT and Stanford in engineering, and Harvard and Stanford overall are so miniscule that you would be better off learning enough about them to decide which you preferred by environment.</p>

<p>If it's acceptance rates you're worried about, try to find the SCEA acceptance rate for Stanford and the EA acceptance rates for Harvard. Good luck.</p>