Stanford: What Does It Look For?

<p>I wish I had the 2008 US News copy with me, but I remembered seeing that Stanford has the same average SAT as Brown and has one slightly lower than Duke and Dartmouth. </p>

<p>It would be hard and somewhat ridiculous to say that Duke and Dartmouth are more selective than Stanford. I'm just wondering what Stanford's admissions policies are then. </p>

<p>I know of many brilliant people at Duke who got waitlisted or rejected by Stanford (I would also add HYP.. but these schools have SAT averages much higher than Stanford or Duke). </p>

<p>It is clear that Stanford is NOT test-score focused. What is it that Stanford looks for then? Extra-curriculars? Interesting quirks? (I have a friend from California who told me about a girl who got into Stanford and not UC-Berkeley due to being a piano virtuoso.. but she had 'poor-for-Berkeley' grades). I think they look for more things besides being brilliant in the 'traditional' sense.</p>

<p>What do others think?</p>

<p>Stanford looks for a holistic and diverse student body. Some of them might be multitalented, in academics, arts, leadership and so many other qualities. While it isnt really score centred, I think a decent score is a pre requsite. Though there are exceptional people, as you might have found on this forum, who have proven their prowess elsewhere.</p>

<p>So, you cant really pinpoint at one thing as that which Stanford looks for. Its probably a whole lot of small things put together that its looking for. </p>

<p>I hope that was helpful :)</p>