<p>Is it waste of time and money for me to apply next year at Stanford? </p>

<p>current junior, class of 2006 will take the SAT in march
Expecting scores:
600ish- Math</p>

<p>SAT II: will take Biology, Spanish, and Math IC</p>

<p>Cumulative GPA: 3.50
1st semester frosh GPA: 3.00
2nd semester frosh GPA: 2.67
1st semester soph GPA: 3.80
2nd semester soph GPA: 4.00
current GPA: 4.60
Rank: 36/508</p>

<p>EC's: I'm not going to write it all for lack of time. Primarily i'm involved in peer education, committee involved on school board, other leadership</p>

<p>Current courseload:
Honors English
Advanced Art
AP Spanish
AP Biology
Honors Algebra 3
Psychology (local college)
Astronomy (local college)
Political Science 2 (college)</p>

<p>Other Info:
I had a REALLY BAD freshman year. I was unmotivated and unaccustomed to my new HS environment. I didn't take any honors or AP courses and got a lot of C's and one D which I later made up in summer school.
Sophomore year I did OK, and overall it was a vast improvement over my freshman year. I took 2 honors and 2 college classes in US history and Political science got a 3.80 1st semester soph year, 4.00 second semester soph year. </p>

<p>Is it worth applying?</p>

<p>um. bump..........</p>

<p>c'mon guys...</p>

<p>Hey, if ppl are saying my stats are bad for Stanford, I don't know what to say about yours. Sorrying for being so honest.</p>

<p>I don't mind. What are your stats?</p>

<p>The thing that stands out about you is your improvement throughout the years. Make sure you add that in your essay if you plan to apply. Its good that you are taking some college level courses too, it shows you are a good blend (combo of Honors, AP, CL).<br>
However (unless you are an underrepresented minority) your GPA, and class rank are a bit too low for stanford. And if you are prediciting a 1300 SAT, that will also be too low. Keep in mind that the bottom quarter of the students are mostly stars, athletics, famous ppl...etc. But thihs should not discourrage you from applying, since you will only do this once in a life time :P</p>