Stanford's Application Numbers?

<p>Has Stanford released information regarding how many REA apps they received? </p>

<p>I know UChicago's EARLY app rate is up 25% from last year, Princeton said they received approximately 3,600 early apps, Harvard has not released their information yet but will in the coming days, but does anyone know about Stanford?</p>

<p>I haven't been able to find anything yet. Are they planning on releasing these numbers?</p>

<p>Harvard EA much less than expected.</p>

<p>I was looking in the UChicago forum and found these numbers:</p>

<p>The number of applications received for each colleges' early programs are listed below:
1) UChicago up +25%
2) Duke up +20%
3) Northwestern Up +15.2%
4) Brown Up +4%
5) Dartmouth Up +3%
6) Georgetown Up +1.4%
7) University of Pennsylvania Down -1.3%
8) Princeton Reports 3,547 for Early Decision Apps </p>

<p>Stanford is not even on the top ten list, hmm.</p>

<p>How does UChi keep having these astounding increases in applications? It is really quite phenomenal.</p>

<p>@dapotatoman, IMO they weren't very know, and were very underrated, and now they are final being discovered and viewed as a top 20 school. I expect to see a continued rise like wise, at least for the next few years.</p>

<p>UChicago, along with WashU inundate students with mail is likely how they do it. We had stretches where we received 2-3 pieces per week for UChicago w/o showing any interest or returning cards. I'm sure that it gets many students thinking who wouldn't have otherwise considered.</p>

<p>^TITCR. Wash U and Chicago basically beg students to apply while I've noticed that Stanford, Duke and Princeton do almost no marketing to the high school crowd.</p>

<p>So true, most of the ivies I've been to really don't even care that much about giving tours, and they end up being awful, but they know people will apply anyway. On the other hand, some schools who are top 20, but not ivy, gave great tours, like tufts for example, best tour I've ever had by far.</p>

<p>Tufts=awesome tour. Colgate was great too. Penn not so much.</p>

<p>Out today . . .
Stanford 5880 SCEA apps, down just slightly from 5929 last year
See post on College Applications Forum</p>

<p>and out of that 5880, how many will they take?</p>

<p>If history is any guide, Stanford will admit around 750 of the SCEA applicants.</p>

<p>I guess it's good news, maybe the admissions rate won't drop anymore for next year when I'll be applying :)</p>

<p>DAMN! Northeaster University has 16,000 early apps.</p>

<p>This is such a silly conversation. I love it :)</p>