Stanford's Cornell Roots

<p>I mentioned some of this stuff in another thread, but I thought all of you on TEAM BIG RED might like to hear about it as well:</p>

<p>When Leland Stanford decided to start a University he went right to the top and tried to lure Cornell's Co-Founder Andrew Dickson White out to California, but old A.D. wouldn't budge (apparently he thought he'd miss the waterfalls too much :) ) So instead Stanford rounded up Cornell graduate, David Jordan to help start the California Cornell (replete with red & white school colors). Hence, "the first student body consisted of 559 men and women, and the original faculty of 15, seven of them originally from Cornell University..."</p>

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<p>An apporpriate color on Valentine's day - GO BIG RED!</p>


<p>It was at the suggestion of Charles Eliot, then president of Harvard, that Stanford and his wife Jane speak with White about how to build a university on the frontier -- It was White who then suggested to Stanford that he get David Jordan to head up his new university. After the death of Stanford, the control of the university was waged between Jordan and Stanford's widow, Jane. A recently published book implicates Jordan in the poisoning death of Jane Stanford in a Honolulu hotel suite. All of that still does not demean that of all American universities, Stanford rose to the pinnacle the fastest, in less than a 100 years since its founding, when pitted against a competition that was hundreds of years older than it.</p>

<p>Go Stanford!</p>

<p>Stanford used to be known as the Cornell of the West. (The "Cardinal and White" Stanford colors were a tip of the hat to the Carnelian and White of Cornell.)</p>

<p>I was writing for the Cornell Daily Sun when I applied to transfer to Stanford. To become a full-fledged staff member, you had to complete a lengthy article. One of the editors suggested I write one on the Cornell-Stanford connection, without knowing I had applied to transfer.</p>

<p>I toyed with finishing the article after I transferred, but never got around to it.</p>

<p>Stanford played Cornell in football back in '91, Stanford's centennial, in honor of the connection. The point spread in Vegas was about 35; after Stanford jumped to a sizable lead, the Stanford students started chanting "Beat the Spread," and began cheering for the Cornell team. It was downright heart-warming, let me tell you.</p>

<p>I thought this post might draw you out given your Stanford & Cornell ties. </p>

<p>Hey - once you got to California was it even easier to see Garcia and company?</p>


<p>It was easier to see them out here, but I didn't actually make it to see them that often, as I was pretty active playing music myself between the time I arrived in California, and Jerry's demise.</p>

<p>My brother works in a music store in Marin County, and sees some of the living Dead there from time to time.</p>


<p>I've got a little hack band myself (drums). We play out occasionally and actually get paid :) - but for the most part we're in the basement trying to act 19 again.</p>

<p>Sounds like you have a little more talent and professionalism (I've seen some of your other posts mentioning your music.)</p>

<p>Are you still playing? What's your instrument? What genre do you specialize in? Our group is into straight up blues based rock n' roll with a little country twang thrown in for good measure. Call it honky tonk roadhouse music if you like.</p>


<p>PS - are your kids following in your footsteps?</p>