stanford's requirement of sat II math IIc!

<p>Can January SATII scores (math IIc) be sent in to Stanford after regular decision deadline? I can't find any info. on this! help.......</p>

<p>Um... I don't know about stanford, but for most schools if you took a test near or after the deadline, as long as you put the school in the list of the "schools you want to score to be sent straight to" they'll take it after the deadline, just make sure it gets there. A January SAT II score and a January RD deadline should be FINE.</p>

<p>Thank you. I'll have to look up Stanford's to make sure.</p>

<p>Usually January scores get to colleges in time for RD.</p>

<p>January seems very late. RD is when, December 15? I doubt it.</p>

<p>Do you know where i can find more info. on how late stanford will accept sat ii scores?</p>

<p>probably by calling stanford and asking them</p>

<p>i doubt it, because they would get sent sometime in feb, and i dont think stanford is gonna like that very much.</p>

<p>Cant you take it in December?</p>

<p>Regular decision is usually around beginning of January deadline. THe scores would be received about 3 weeks after you take them, so that would take it to the end of January. Decisions come out in April. There are usually spots on the application that ask if you are GOING to take any SATs in the future that they need to wait for. I believe they word it like, "date taken, or to be taken". I would suggest calling the school though.</p>

<p>The January SAT is at the end of January though, so they would be getting the scores in February, but considering they have until April to make decisions, it doesn't seem that late...</p>

<p>Stanford has a listing of which test dates will be in time for the Regular Decision. You should call them up and find out specifically.</p>

<p>The Januaury 22nd date is the last SAT date for Stanford RD applicants.</p>

<p>THANK YOU Cassia! Where did you find that Sat info for stanford?</p>

<p>D'oh!... Stuff like this is ALWAYS on the application and the admission website if you just care enough to look for it!</p>