start menu toolbar.

<p>I know this has to be the stupidest thread made. The start menu is usually horizontally on the bottom of the sceen. Somehow i did something and now it's vertically on the left side of the screen.I dont like it this way. I tried to drag it back to the way it was but it didnt work. Anybody that knows computers well know how can i make the start menu toolbar back on the bottom of the screen. Sorry for the stupid thread. I also didnt know where would a stupid thread like this belong so i just posted it here.</p>

<p>Right click the start menu bar. Uncheck the thing that says "Lock the Taskbar"</p>

<p>where is that. i right clicked on the bar but there was nothing about "Lock the Taskbar". Is this only for windows XP? cuz im running Windows ME</p>

<p>I'm using XP..</p>