Started Application to Tulane University. Chance Me For It?

I started an application to Tulane today, and I kind of like the idea of going down south for school!
I would be applying as an international relations major to Tulane!

What do you think my chances are?

I have approximately a 3.7 UW GPA, however my school does not give out weighted or actual GPAs, so I only know my percentage is a 92.6 and 92.6/25 = 3.7.

Upward trend from eighth grade to now. My school has us take a few high school courses in our eighth grade that go on our transcript. With a more advanced schedule each year.

I have no idea what my weighted GPA would be, because our school does not provide them. However, my school only offers two honors courses for 9th and 10th graders and I took both of them. APs are not really accessible until sophomore year, when you can take one AP, and my schedule conflicted so I could not. I took 3 APs this year, and am taking 4 next year.

I have a 31 on the ACT (English: 31 Math: 28 Reading: 33 Science: 31). I am retaking in September and HOPING and PRAYING for a 32-33.

By the way, the ACT middle 50% for The George Washington University is 27-31. They do not disclose the average GPA.

7 AP courses by graduations (AP Lang, AP Lit, AP US History, AP Cogo, AP Macro, AP Spanish, and AP Environmental Science)

Maybe possible interesting fact, I have voluntarily taken two online courses through my high school, and many people do not take this opportunity.

300+ hours of working at a coffee shop.
National Honor Society member.
President and founder of Spanish Club at my school.
Been a member of a local improv troupe for seven years straight. My team has been in a few national improv marathons.
Been in 4 musicals throughout high school.
Been in 2 shakespeare productions.
Been in 1 drama production.
Member of A Capella Club.
Member of Literary Magazine.
Member of Chinese Club.
Volunteer at an after school arts program.


Bump! Will chance back!

I think you have an excellent chance at Tulane University! Your ACT is near the 75th percentile and your ECs seem great too! Your GPA seems fine as well!

@uniobsessed2016 Thanks for the input!

Thanks for chancing me!

I think you have a great chance at Tulane!!! Your ACT score is in the range needed to get in. (The middle 50% ACT scores for freshmen in 2014 was 29-32.) Seven AP classes is a lot, so that course rigor is competitive. Your GPA isn’t bad either. I think that you have very impressive ECs!! I’d be surprised if you didn’t get in. I can’t find anywhere where you could REALLY need to improve. So I think you have a definite chance!

You’re definitely a qualified applicant! Write great essays and you have a decent shot :slight_smile:

@LionKing2398 @isl4ndsurf3r Thank you both for your support!!

Also an edit to my post: I copied my stats from post about GW and accidentally forgot to delete the percentiles for GW, the percentiles for the ACT at Tulane is 29-32!! Sorry for any confusion regarding that wrong information!!

Bump ((-:

I think it depends on where you are from too (state) but I know in NJ of multiple people (3-4) from class of 2018 & 2019 with similar scores who were accepted.

GWU: Match
Tulane: Match

@laughandlearn23 Do you think that geographical region has a lot to do with admission? I am from the Northeast too. Why would this be beneficial though?

@neuprospect98 certain states have more kids applying, so if you’re state has less kids applying it could effect it, sometimes it also has to do with how many students from your HS apply that year. Good luck!

You are good shape for Tulane.

I definitely think you should plan to visit the campus if you have not been to that part of the country before. It is definitely a different experience for someone from the Northeast.

@NickFlynn Thanks!
And yeah I know, I am trying to get down there. I am planning a trip for the Jewish holidays in September, but if not, I would definitely visit once I got in, before I would commit to the university. I have been to Atlanta and Georgia areas, but New Orleans seem to be a whole culture.

^^^^ Yeah, it definitely is different. Some people love it, some can’t wait to get back home!