Starting a career (Business Administration)

I am currently a student at Purdue University Global.
My current degree is the Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Information System Management.

I just recently started a position as an Administrative Assistant for a semi-local company.
I was curious once I am done with school, how should I pursue a career in Business Administration? What steps can I take right now to have that experience to post on a resume, so that I can ensure some type a career similar to business administration out of school?

Any information will be helpful.
Thank you.

What are you interested in- supply chain management? marketing? finance? human resources? Pricing and sales? Facilities management? Information technology and systems are applied to every functional area in the corporate sector- so figure out what issues and problems intrigue you, and that will help set you on a path.

In the meantime- read, read, read. The Wall Street Journal. The Economist. Bloomberg. These publications cover timely issues in business and management, and after a few months of steady reading, you’ll start to figure out what kinds of problems you want to be thinking about every day at work.

Thanks for the reply.
If I choose an interest, how would I go about it as a career. How would I start the process for that?

Should I gain experience in that field? If so, how would one start?
For example, Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management is a very specific concentration of courses. Arizona State, Penn State, the University of Tennessee, Michigan State, MIT, Ohio State, Rutgers, Michigan & Stanford are leading schools for Supply Chain Mgmt.

Based on your minor, why not apply for positions in Information System Management ?

Supply Chain Management was just an example in my previous comment, but based on blossom’s comment, information management is a common thing for corporate areas.