Starting a Charity?

<p>I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but.....I'm a freshman in High School. On CC I constantly hear about how all these Freshmen and Sophmores started charities. I want to start a charity organization that focuses on human rights in foreign countries. I know this sounds like a longshot, but lots of people have done much bigger. What I wonder though is how does a minor start a charity, considering their signature is worthless?</p>

<p>Instead of starting your own charity, you can reach out to an existing charity who has a presence in another country that deals with human rights. Let them know you are interested in helping and what you can do or if they can provide you with instructions on how you can start an affiliated charity program for your school.</p>

<p>i'm sure there are people in your own community that you could help and it would be a lot easier and have a direct impact on a place that means a lot to you.</p>

<p>it's pretty easy to see through these charities that "kids" start. I don't think college admissions are fooled. Likewise, they are not more impressed that you paid $3000 to do a service trip to Africa instead of helping people locally.</p>

<p>^ I hope that's not true, otherwise I am quite disappointed. College adcoms should understand that a student may be interested in diversifying himself and therefore decides to take a trip and while there does charity. Aside from that, students should realize that certain nations are more in need than others for certain things.</p>

<p>In any case, I don't think you should create a charity organization unless you really have an idea that hasn't been done. Do not take this offensively, but the opening post makes it seem like the only reason you want to create an organization is to get into college. That is very stupid, and degrading for yourself. </p>

<p>There are several organizations that help enforce human rights in 'foreign countries'. Go on their websites, and figure out a way to help.</p>

<p>why should you get a leg up in college admissions if your parents can afford to send you to another country to volunteer work (which is often more of a vacation and less volunteer work) but the other applicant's parents can't, so he only volunteered at the local homeless shelter?</p>

<p>Soccerguy is right, at least, at top colleges.
Most hs kids can't have much impact by founding a so-called international "charity." Certainly, not without substantial support from some adults, who know the ropes and mostly run the show. Adcoms know that. When kids say they raised 10k more more, it's pretty clear that came from parents, their parents' friends and contacts. Not much of a challenge.</p>

<p>It's much more impressive when you work should-to shoulder with adults on some local community program where you directly help the needy. Commit your time, over time. Rise to some level of responsibility, even if it's only recruiting and leading other teens. Do some good that takes you out of your own comfort zone.</p>

<p>And, the pattern I see with those expensive trips to other countries is that the same kids can barely lift a finger in their local areas.</p>

<p>Yeah I see what everyone's saying about people doing it for college. When I started this thread I had just watched that Halo Awards thing, and felt somewhat guilty that all those other kids were making such big differences on earth and I wasn't doing anything. I decided to just join our schools key club.</p>