Starting a new class

<p>I want to have my school offer AP Goverment. How would I do this? Talk to the department head? or talk to the Principal, etc.</p>

<p>that's hard. just self-study it. even if they start a new class upon a student's request, which is rather unlikely, it might not be any good. our government class had four teachers this year and almost everyone failed.</p>

<p>yeah, it's too much of a hassle, just take it outside of school. the department head or principal has enough things to deal with.</p>

<p>Self studing it is the way to go. Plus as extemporaneous said your so smart... why do you even need to take a class. Just think about it and maybe it will come to you.... </p>

<p>Just self study it... a smart person like you doesn't need a teacher to teach them... you may just start flipping out at them saying that what they say is wrong!</p>

<p>AP Goverment can't be that hard...Is it harder than AP US History? There's US Goverment and Comp Goverment. I'm going to aim for US goverment because American Goverment is a half year course at my school and is required 11th grade. If they add AP US Goverment, these people could have the choice of taking AP US Goverment or American Goverment.</p>

<p>Generally, you'll have to show that a significant number of students are interested in taking the class. You also have to know a teacher who wants to teach the class. I would suggest talking to guidance ASAP (personal experience from trying to start AP Euro at my last school); when they're fixing up the schedule for the next year, they have to know which classes will be offered. If they haven't heard about yours soon enough, you can basically forget about having it be offered. Failing that, just self-study. </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>