Starting a new Club

<p>So, I've been wanting to start an Improv Club at my high school at the beginning of the year this year, which is my senior year. And the way my high school goes I would also be the president. Would this look good on an application?</p>

<p>not if you don't accomplish anything and are only forming it for the sake of admissions. Its helpfulness will also be negated by the fact that you're starting it in your senior year :/</p>

<p>To some degree, yes although it's not particularly impressive. But you shouldn't be going around starting clubs for the sake of your college app</p>

<p>I'm actually not starting it for the sake of looking good on the app. I've just been wanting to do it for awhile but didn't get the idea until the end of my junior year when there was no time to start anything really. I just thought it would be fun and was just wondering what it would look like on the app.</p>

<p>"Would this look good on an application?"
Not if you started it senior year right before application season.</p>

<p>"I'm actually not starting it for the sake of looking good on the app."
Fabulous; go for it.</p>

<p>Alright cool. So since it won't really look good, would it look bad? Or would it not really make a difference either way?</p>

<p>it won't make a difference</p>