Starting a sport junior year?

<p>Freshman year I was involved in martial arts through a studio, but I (possibly permanently) injured my back so I left the studio. Sophomore year I still practiced martial arts, but I do it on my own so as not to further damage by back.</p>

<p>Now, I still plan to practice martial arts on my own but my school requires that I take 1 year of sports. We have a regular PE class but my grandmother wanted me to take a sport to look good for college. I picked tennis. When I was signing up for classes I noticed that in tennis there was an option to sign up for varsity even if you haven't played before. I picked that but I'm not sure if they will actually put me in it or just make me go to JV.
I will also continue tennis senior year.</p>

<p>Will it look bad to colleges if I'm in JV my junior year even though I just started?</p>

<p>Also, can I put martial arts on my apps even though I no longer do it "officially"?</p>

<p>No it won't. Next year I'm opting to do JV softball instead of varsity because I don't have time for varsity (and also because I'll be captain aha) But it will look absolutely fine. You can't put martial arts on your apps officially (except for freshman year), but it sounds like it would make a good essay topic.</p>