Starting Freshman year

Hi. I am currently a Freshman in my high school. I skipped a year of math and science, and I am taking honors history. I was wondering if I made the right choice. I was wondering for next year if I should go for all honor classes instead of just half of them. I am looking to go to an ivy league school, so I’d like any advice from anyone here. Thanks.

Generally you will be better off to find the pace that makes sense for you and do your best in high school. After you see what you are comfortable with, then find a university that is a good fit for what you have done and are doing. There are a lot of very good universities in the US (and more elsewhere). While the Ivy League may be good schools and famous, they are the “best match” for only a very small number of students. For some subjects such as Computer Science, the Ivy League schools don’t even show up in the top 5 or so schools in the US.

There is no harm in aiming for the Ivy League at this point, but definitely do not let it stress you out.

Try to take the hardest classes you can take without facing a significant drop in grades.

It’s not uncommon for freshmen to be in all or almost all standard classes, moving up to Honors and AP classes in successive years as they figure out what they can and can’t handle. Some of the lower level APs (Human Geography, World History, and Psych to name a few) may be offered to you during your first two years of high school, but don’t expect many.

By junior year, you should be able to handle a few AP classes. Many competitive applicants, if not a majority, will be taking AP/Dual Enrollment/IB/AICE in 3 out of 4 core subjects (English, Science, and History), and Honors math, or even college-level math, such as AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Stats, or College Algebra. You’re on the right track with Honors History–from what I’ve heard, APUSH (or any other college/college-level US History class) seems to be a very important course to take in high school.

I agree with @r2v2018 …Try to take the hardest classes you can take without facing a significant drop in grades.
But if you are not into let say, foreign language as much then it is okay not to accelerate.