Starting JSA at my school?

so im a junior this year (about to become a senior, we end school in may) and i literally JUST found out about JSA (Junior State of America) and it seems really interesting. i want to start a chapter at my school, which I think will be well received by the debate kids on campus since we have a pretty strong and large debate team. however it is also going to be my last year of high school and I’ll be super busy with debate, college apps, classes, and all my other ecs. i guess what I’m asking is: is it worth it?

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Hi! I don’t know what JSA is to be frank, but as a current senior who signed up for a bunch of extracurriculars, I would say to just assess your workload and how much you can handle. I personally overcommitted way too much for my senior year because I was so passionate about so many things, but it left me exhausted. I am not saying to do it or not do it, but just figure out where in your schedule that fits and if you are willing to commit the extra time needed to make it run smoothly! Also think about how much free time you want to have!!! Sorry this wasn’t specific to the club but I hope this helped at least a little.

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oh hi !! thank you for responding lol. i already dropped a (potential) ec to lighten my workload so i don’t know if founding a club is the best choice right now. thank you for your input!

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