Starting My New Life at Harvard Tomorrow

<p>It's been a while since I laster posted on CC, so I'll offer some background before I ask my "How's Harvard?" questions. Like a lot of the people on this site, I was an Ivy league aspirant who wanted to go to a great school one day. One day, I stumbled upon CC and was sucked into the black hole that is the chances forum (stay away from that place). I was fortunate enough to get into all the schools I applied to, picked Harvard, and will be starting FUP tomorrow (woot!). So I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what to expect these first few weeks with regards to FUP and Opening Days. </p>

<p>I'll be sure to write some sort of account of my first few days at Harvard =)</p>

<p>My best to you! Enjoy your time at Harvard. My son will be joining you and the rest of the class of 2012 next week.</p>

<p>This might be a fun place to write our different experiences as incoming freshman, if people would even be interested in that type of thing in the coming weeks.</p>

<p>^ Absolutley! I'm applying this fall, and I'd love to read everyone's experience! (Although it will probably make the rejection that much harder...:) )</p>

<p>During freshman week, seriously go out every night and meet as many people as possible. Freshman week can be the most fun week ever if you take advantage. Also hit some of your dorm socials and some Crimson Key stuff. You'll have lots of mandatory entryway meetings but also be living on your own for the first time, so make sure you're still responsible enough to get stuff done that you need to, like choosing courses for shopping week. Go to a meal with your roommates or go on a shopping trip for room decor--anything to bond. And sit with completely random, unknown people at Annenberg--you have this window the first few weeks where everyone sits down anywhere, so you never know if you could be meeting your new best friend just by happening to sit at their table.</p>

<p>Enjoy FUP ... it is a wonderful experience. Many people make their best friends there as well. Take the opportunity to explore Cambridge and Boston before the masses move in. You will feel so at home by the time the rest of the class moves in. Best of luck!</p>

<p>DerrickA: I remember when you were applying. How wonderful that you are starting at Harvard. My S and one of his blockmates were reminiscing about how terrific their freshman proctor was. She's no longer a proctor but is still living in the area and they are thinking of organizing a get-together with her and the other students from their entryway. I hope you have a proctor as nice as my S had (his other proctors have been great, too!).</p>

<p>Derrick, I think I know you! Lol</p>

<p>I've met two or three other freshman on here who i've already become friends with through the Freshman Facebook group. It is a pretty funny experience.</p>