Starting new language?

<p>So, from what I can remember at the admissions presentation, there are several categories you have to fill out for your distribution requirements (A, B, C, D). Personally, I'm a big language/linguistics guy. So far I definitely want to continue my French, and I've been teaching myself/taking Spanish in high school. Plus, I definitely want to take linguistics classes there (even double majoring, maybe? I know how tough it is). So, my question is, even if I don't take Spanish, will I have the chance to start and really learn a new foreign language? How restrictive are the distribution requirements?</p>

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<p>The distribution requirements aren't too restrictive. I was a polisci major. I had reached an advanced level in Spanish before I enrolled at Reed (basically tested out of the language requirement). </p>

<p>While at Reed I got about 3 years of Russian and 2 years of German, which was helped by my taking some language courses during summer (in my home town). </p>

<p>How advanced you become depends in part on what you do with your spare time (and you will have some of that, even at Reed) and your summers, including travel/living abroad for a time to immerse yourself in a language and culture.</p>

<p>You should also explore the language houses at Reed: Reed</a> College | Facilities and Grounds | Woodstock Language Houses</p>

<p>Ok, thanks a lot!
Hm, I didn't remember Reed having language houses..that's a nice surprise :)</p>