Starting out fresh. Need help!!!


<p>I have 3 months left of service in the Navy and I'll be on my way home to California and go back to school in Los Angeles Valley College.</p>

<p>My intent is to get an Associate's degree in Mathematics and transfer to a university (UCLA or USC) and pursue my Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics. Now, the thing is I also want to go into 2 minor fields of study (1 being Computer Science, the other a foreign language), which leads to the following questions:</p>

<p>1.)Is it possible to study these altogether should I transfer to either universities I previously mentioned? </p>

<p>2.) If so, how would it impact me regarding course load, schedule, and career path? </p>

<p>3.) Would any of you recommend this (personal opinion needed)?</p>

<p>if you can handle the workload, it may take an extra year or so, but i would HIGHLY recommend that combination for government intelligence, ESPECIALLY the NSA. that is the most sought out major for the NSA, and foreign language and computer sci really really make you stand out as a candidate xD</p>