Starting over as an accounting major

<p>I'm 23 years old starting an accounting program at my local community college. Before this I attended a state university for 3 years and fooled around, got a GPA way below 2.0 and experienced a big tragedy in the family, I can't blame my academic problems on that, but it definitely didn't help. I ended up abandoning my studies at the state school and came back home and started at the local community college. So far I've been getting all A's and I feel way more focused and serious about my studies. </p>

<p>Now when I do get accepted to a four year school, will the internships and jobs I apply to ask for my transcripts from the beginning? Or just the current ones they need. Like the transcripts for my accounting degree.?</p>

<p>Are you planning on going to a different 4 year university than your original one? If so, then I'd include in my resume only the gpa as calculated by that 4 year university.</p>

<p>yeah i plan on going to a different state school, or one of the private universities close to home. and yeah i figured i wouldn't have to let them know about my gpa from my first four year university.</p>