Starting Test Prep Process - Any Recommendations? Guidance? Do's/Don'ts?

My oldest (daughter) is sophomore and just starting the test prep process. Way, way back in my day, test prep was simple, you took Kaplan or Princeton Review (or both) and then took the test.

Now days there’s a ton of options and I’m finding it difficult determining the best strategy. My daughter’s school is subtly recommending the private tutor route for everyone, and of course, they happen to have a suggested provider. But I’m the type that prefers to do my research before clicking that “buy” button. But there are SO many options available: Independent private tutors, private tutoring companies, online courses, Kahn Academy, self-directed study from books, etc.

My daughter has taken 1 practice test and scored a 28, so there’s definitely room for improvement. I understand that “every kid is unique” and “different kids have different needs and learning styles”, but seriously, with millions of kids going through this process, there has got to be some general consensus regarding which test prep options provide a better product, “best practices” or “lessons learned”, be it an online course, or a private tutoring company, or whatever. People with multiple kids may have tried different options and been happier with some options over others. Or maybe the parents in your book club or softball team tried various options with greater or lesser success. Or better yet, maybe there’s some sort of objective evaluation somewhere…

We’re even open to a combination of options, starting with A and finishing with B, if that might work best.

Lastly, I’m also not sure if this type of question is allowed on these boards, or if they don’t want us discussing personal experiences with test prep companies because of advertising or spam issues/considerations. If that’s true, then where might be an objective evaluation of the available options? Which courses yield better results (on average), which tutoring companies have a more rigorous/defined program or approach, etc?

Apologies for the lengthy post. Any help or advice, either posted here or via PM, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, and hope you have a great day!!