starting to look at fall classes ... where do i look?

<p>DD is engineering undecided .. not sure which type yet.</p>

<p>so i am not sure which one to choose for the beginning engineering class.</p>


<p>four of the intro engineering hours (i can never remember which ones they are)
and something else ... not sure what yet.</p>

<p>any suggestions for the last slot (should be english, but she already has her english credits)</p>

<p>would like to play it safe so that most of what she takes besides the engineering classes will transfer o another major in case the engr doesn't work out.</p>

<p>The first thing you need to keep in mind is flexibility. Have eight or nine classes on a sheet of paper before she walks into scheduling just in case something is closed and she cannot get an override for that class. Take a look at the core requirements. Plug in the AP credit she has first. That way, you know what she needs. Then, start coming up with that list of classes.</p>

<p>A fine arts class is a good option, since she will need one. She might be able to take that at the honors level.</p>

<p>yeah, i was thinking fine arts might be a good choice.</p>

<p>she has taken chem i and ii in high school so chem shouldn't be TOO hard. if she retakes CALC I then that shouldn't be too hard either.</p>

<p>idk how the engineering intro classes are.</p>

<p>The intro to engineering classes aren't hard...a lot of hands on stuff.</p>

<p>Find a Fine Arts class or maybe take a stab at one of the specialized intro to eng'g classes...</p>

<p>do you know if the any of the engr into classes wil fulfill the requirement? say if she takes the intro to mech engineering now but decides to do chem e, would she have to take the chem e intro? or would the other intro go ahead and fulfil the requirement.</p>

<p>which fine arts classes are desirable?</p>


<p>Since this is a new Freshmen eng'g program, you'll have to email Dr. Cordes with that question. </p>

<p>David Cordes, PhD
<a href=""></a>
Director, Freshman Engineering Program

<p>Fine Arts....</p>

<p>Any of the honors ones with the FA designation...</p>

<p>FA of Tuscaloosa</p>

<p>FA and Parody</p>

<p>Behind the British Mask (I think is an FA designation)</p>

<p>But, I don't know how available these are.</p>

<p>Last we looked there were quite a few Arts of Tuscaloosa available still...</p>

<p>can someone give a link to where you are looking and seeing how many spaces in a class and how many openings.</p>

<p>Mike I found that when I'm looking at the class schedule listing of courses for days/times when you click on the title of the course (for each session) it pulls up the numbers.</p>

<p>i think i found it ... no openings that i can see in arts of tuscaloosa. : (</p>

<p>I'm not surprised. This is the first year I've ever seen ANY frosh be able to get FA in Tuscaloosa. I think they opened an extra section or something this year. </p>

<p>First semester freshman year is always the hardest to get best choices.</p>

<p>Mike: what about some of the Common Book Experience or Exploration classes? In their Bama Bound orientation folder, there is a list of those classes that we hadn't seen. D was planning on taking 2 of those, but then got into an American Politics Freshman Seminar she didn't expect to be open...</p>

Really? I was able to get a seat in Arts of Tuscaloosa last year without any hassle, and I registered in June. (I decided on Alabama rather late in the process...)</p>

<p>OT, I'd recommend getting the CRNs before you register, and be sure to know how the myBama system works before registration day. That way, while everyone is figuring out the system, you can get your classes in 1-2 minutes.</p>

<p>wow! just checked again and I see that most all of the Honors courses are closed. Some spaces in Moral Forum, but not at all like yesterday when there were tons of spaces in Honors Quests, Arts of Tusc. and many others.
Possibly many of last week's Bama Bound students did course changes today? Things have really filled up since this morning.</p>

<p>Maybe they closed them in anticipation of tomorrow's registration? Figured that the students from the first 2 sessions were done and wouldn't add any more? Just guessing here...did the numbers change AL34?</p>

<p>^ The number of sessions and seat count for each class did not change, they just got filled up. As in the case of Honors Mentoring (or whatever it is called,) many slots went from all seats avail. to all filled. </p>

<p>Maybe they are closing them until tomorrow's registration. That might make some sense. Otherwise, I'm not seeing the slots being reserved for upcoming Bama Bound sessions like was originally thought.</p>

<p>I don't think many honors seats are held back for future BBs - which is why the first BBs are for honors.</p>

<p>^ I understand that, but since there are the three BBs, I assumed a third would be held for the batch registering tomorrow. That may still be the case which could be why so many courses unfilled this morning are now showing as closed.</p>

<p>We got into arts in tuscaloosa during our session last week. yesterday I changed my son to a better, later time slot...there were still a lot of open seat. It would be weird that they would all fill up today. Maybe instead of shutting us out of the registration they just closed the classes to hold them for tomorrow morning. I remember that i wasn't sure which session we were going to attened and the honors people told me at our visit in Feb that they do hold out seats for the later bama bounds.</p>