State Government Reps scholarships

<p>I hear that the state in which your from gives out a ton of money to instate students, if that's true like I hear, where would I go to get info about the scholarships?</p>


<p>One place to look is on your state's department of education site. Also, your guidance counselor will have information about state scholarships. But be aware that some states are more generous than others.</p>

<p>I checked my states site (missouri), but found nothing.</p>

<p>The Robert C. Byrd Scholarship is done on a statewide basis and is very easy to apply for, with no essay requirement. Go to <a href=""&gt;;/a> (I think) and search for it. All I know is my guidance councelor gave me an application, I filled in a little bit of information, and I had won. It's like $1500/year for four years. A nice amount for such a simple application.</p>