State Park = gay trolling place?

<p>So my H and I went for a hike today. We went to a state park with not a lot going on but trails and some fishing places.. Walking the trail, we only came upon solo males. No women, no couples, no children, etc. My H thought this was weird. Upon reflection, so did I.</p>

<p>So after some research on the internet, we found it is a gay trolling place. </p>

<p>So should we report it? It is a state park. My H says No. I have friends who hike and walk their dog there. </p>

<p>So your opinion?</p>

<p>I bet the park officials already know about it but haven't yet figured out what, if anything, they can or should do about it. Unless there is soliciting for prostitution or actual sexual activity occurring in the park the answer is probably not much. Asking others for dates in a public park is probably not a crime.</p>

<p>The Philadelphia Art Museum was known as a place for gay men to go at night. Kind of strange, but apparently they would do their thing in the bushes. We went there on a class trip in 8th grade and were forced to eat lunch in the lawn and I remember seeing condoms all over on the ground right where our class was sitting to eat. It was gross. My point, I guess they have places to meet. If they aren't bothering you, it would be a shame to report them for doing nothing. Did you observe them having sex? I have friends who are not gay who go camping together to get away from their families for a weekend and many of their wives wouldn't want to go hiking anyway. I would think there are many men who would go solo camping, especially for longer distances, by themselves. I wouldn't want to sleep in one of the free public sleeping areas in a park, but I think you would be wrong to report people for possibly being gay. I think the park service and police have other things to worry about. There are gay clubs also. Should they be raided and people arrested for being gay and looking for a partner?</p>

<p>What is it about this that bothers you?</p>

So should we report it? It is a state park.

Report what - that you encountered "solo males" while walking the trails? Perhaps, like you, they were enjoying walking the trails in a state park - a benefit of being a citizen, taxpayer, or visitor to this country.</p>

<p>Did you want to report that your internet "research" found it's a "gay trolling place"? Really? Where, exactly? You don't mention tripping over any amorous couples (of any persuasion). So what is there to report? I suggest saving yourself some embarrassment and forgetting the whole thing.</p>

<p>Was this in Minnesota? Maybe they were Norwegian bachelor farmers in between seasons.

<p>Unless you observe laws being broken, there is nothing to report.</p>

<p>This is a really odd thread- If you read the newspapers- it is full of guys who go missing when they were fishing/climbing/hiking by themselves.</p>

<p>This is the last weekend for Nordstrom anniv sale, I bet I know where the women were.

<p>"This is the last weekend for Nordstrom anniv sale, I bet I know where the women were."</p>

<p>In the bushes in front of Nordstrom's?</p>

<p>I agree, this whole thread is a little weird. I wonder how many guys reading this have been using the ol' "Honey, I'm going to take Fido for a walk down at the state park" or "Sweetie, you stay here and watch Sex and the City...I'm going to check out that Hieronymus Bosch exhibit down at the art museum" lines.</p>

<p>There is a picnicking park on my bike route that has been closed because of this. The State tried enhance signage, patrols, and cameras to limited affect. The park was never frequented by many families, and was eventually closed about 10 years ago. </p>

<p>There was a rest stop on one of our freeways that had the same problem. Also closed. That wayside had a view of the Willamette River Gorge, Willamette Falls, and the terminus of the the Oregon Trail.</p>

<p>I don't understand the "problem" here, let alone what you would report. So what if gay people frequent a certain area that is popular for them? What crime is that? There are gay bars too. I just went on vacation in Provincetown which is full of gay people. What is the issue? What laws are being broken? Unless people, of any sexual persuasion, are having public sex in the park, not sure why this would bother anyone. </p>

<p>All that aside, my husband has gone hiking alone.</p>



<p>Hmm...sounds suspicious to me. Better keep an eye on him. And if he has hiked alone in a state park you probably have grounds for an annulment.</p>

<p>And if he has hiked alone in a state park you probably have grounds for an annulment.</p>

<p>no doubt. Isn't "hiking" what led to the downfall of the South Carolina Gov?</p>

<p>they are closing rest stops because of budget cuts.</p>

<p>Washington</a> State Parks Facing Cuts, Closures — Washington Trails Association</p>

<p>The governor recently asked Washington State Parks to figure out how to cut its budget by 23%, or $22.9 million, with direction to transfer some park properties to other jurisdictions, reduce service at others, and completely mothball still more.*</p>

<p>As</a> some states close highway rest stops, others see roadside revenue</p>

<p>A Home Depot in our metro area has been called "HomoDepot" because of the gay activity in the bathroom. Of course there was Larry Craig in the airport bathroom stall, and George Michael in a city park restroom in Los Angeles. Gay activity happens in many places, however though I wouldn't ASSUME men hiking alone were there for gay sex, but as a parent, I would be cautious in allowing a male child (or any child) go into restrooms alone in many places, including a state park.</p>

<p>I don't think there's anything wrong with men going to a park, or anywhere else, to meet other men. However, I wouldn't care to come upon people having sex in public, nor would I find it pleasant to walk or ride through an area littered with condoms. I think park rangers should legitimately try to prevent a public park becoming a place for public sex. Get a room, dudes. </p>

<p>But I don't see what morrismm saw that was objectionable. Officer, I saw men walking around on the trail?</p>

<p>Officer, I saw men walking around on the trail?</p>

<p>There are only so many hairy knees, that a lady can take!
& white socks with sandals should be grounds for citizens arrest!

<p>Have you * seen* what men deem as appropriate public apparel?
In my city- single family neighborhood, one guy insists on running in short shorts- no shirt, in weather that might be 65 deg.
It isn't close to a beach
and unless you are Greg Louganis, I don't wanna see you in front of my house in Speedos.</p>

<p>interesting topic.</p>

<p>H and I went out to dinner last week and noticed that at the front bar there were MANY solo males and females. After a bit of research we discovered that it was a heterosexual trolling spot.I was weird. Do you think we should notify the authorities?</p>

<p>So the men were just "being" somewhere? I think that's allowed. The authorities don't round up stray guys. At least not yet.</p>

<p>Heterosexual people are allowed to meet other heterosexuals. Heterosexual people are not allowed to have sex in public places. Same goes for homosexual people. Clarity of discourse, people, clarity of discourse.</p>

<p>Trolling is no different than trying to meet people. Gay activity is not the same thing as gay sex. What the heck is a gay activity, anyway?</p>