State School to Stanford? (ME + ID)

<p>I don't know if this is even possible, but I'm currently attending the University of Tennessee - Knoxville. Not the greatest school, but its instate, so I figured I would figure out what I wanted to do for a while, and then try and go somewhere competitive. I applied several place last year, including UVA, UNC(pre-business), and UIllinois (engineering). I got in everywhere, but didn't get that much money, and had no clue what i wanted to do, so I decided to go where its free until I can decide what I wanted to do. Well the time to choose has come. </p>

<p>I'm extremely interested in Industrial Design (applied Arts degree) but am not the most artisticly gifted person, and at the same time I was intimidated by Mechanical engineering's focus on power generation/power transmission etc. But I've found the perfect mix of the two in a program at Stanford. I know the chances aren't that great, so I'm applying to similar programs at NC State and University of Cinncinatti. However, Stanford would be my dream school, primarily because of the program, but also because of the diversity, campus, location, etc. Is there anyway to increase my chances of getting in, because of my enthusiasm... (I know, everyone applying there wants to get in, but I know when I went through the application processs last year, I just wanted to go to places b/c of the atmosphere, not that excited though)</p>

<p>Is this even slightly plausible?...and I know u all will be pulling these answers out of ur asses, but thats alright, any opinion, no matter how thoroughly unbased is appreciated (i can already sense the sarcastic responses now)</p>

<p>What can i do to improve my chances?</p>

<p>Some Basic Information:
1. SAT: 750 Verbal
730 Math
2. HS GPA: 4.2 (17/321)
3. Anticipated College GPA: 4.0
4. I came into UT with 35 Hours from AP Classes (Senior and Junior Year were all AP) and I'm gonna be taking about 32 this year.
5. University of Tennesse-Knoxville (Honors)
6. Internship last 3 years at a Tech. Corp (granted, it is my dad's, but i learned a lot)
7. All the rest of the High School Extracurriculars, nothing that spectacular, enough to get me into Chapel Hill and UVA out of state</p>

<p>Which program was the one that u r interested at stanford?</p>

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<p>With that program you get a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but transcript would say "has completed requirements of product design".</p>

<p>I've seen mechanical engineering programs and industrial design programs, but none that really mix the two like this. It's also a great program because they have connects to some of the biggest design firms in California, so you wouldn't be placed into a regular engineering position, but instead more of an industrial design position.</p>

<p>However, to be realistic, I think at this point, its probably better to shoot for an Industrial Design degree somewhere like NC State, VA Tech, or GA Tech, where they have strong engineering programs and then try to go for the Masters at Stanford.</p>

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<p>Is there a program like that for mechanical engineering and business?</p>

<p>I have no clue as to Stanford, but a lot of schools encourage business minors for engineering majors. However, I really have no interest in Business at the undergraduate level. If i were to pursue engineering, I would just get a Engineering Management degree like the 1 year program at Duke.</p>

<p>which shools en ourage business minors for engineering majors?</p>

<p>Well for starters, you could do an Industrial Engineering program, which focuses a great deal on management....
And actually Stanford has a Management Science and Engineering major...
I remember USC being really heavy on the double majoring deal, and in the student profiles they had a student who was doubling with business and engineering...
Also Maryland has an entreprenuership program tied with engineering.</p>

<p>...But this post is about me!....jk...(but not really)....</p>