State Schools

<p>Name the state schools in your state. Give your opinion about them. You do not need to name all of them, just a few. </p>

<p>New Jersey</p>

<p>Princeton-ivy league, need I say more
Rutgers- New Brunswick, is the main campus. Academic wise it is one of them best in the state. Lots of clubs/ social activities you can do. Never boring- you need to find what is right for you and brach out. </p>

<p>Rutgers Newark, is okay, but can be unsafe at night if you wander of campus. Rutgers Camden- it is Camden that all I know. </p>

<p>College of NEw JErsey- is a hidden jem in the state of NJ. Is over shaddowed by Rutgers. VEry competetive. </p>

<p>Montclair- People who did not get into Rutgers
Rowan, Richard Stockton- third tier schools in sothern NJ. </p>

<p>Ramapo- Small but very academic focused college. </p>

<p>Kean- one of the easiest of the state college. Last resort for many applicants
step above a Community college</p>

<p>New Jersey City- it is in Jersey City</p>


<p>Iowa State--technology, sciences, agriculture; generally conservative; academically focused; work hard play hard attitude; Ames rated as the #1 small town to raise a family recently (within last 2 or 3 years); Campus designed by the man who designed Central Park-rated #3 Most Beautiful Campus behind Yale and West Virginia (2005 I believe); over 600 clubs/campus groups; #1 Recreational program/Intramural program last couple years
Northern Iowa--the "runt" of the bunch; excellent teacher education and business programs; dont know too much about it; Cedar Falls/Waterloo area part of technology corridor
Iowa--very liberal school; known for health sciences and journalism; a top medical school among the publics; Campus spread out over alot of the city</p>

<p>I'm partial to ISU since I go there but all schools have the "work hard party hard" attitude and are focused on academics</p>

<p>Post</a> your own state's college reputations</p>