State testing and surgery

<p>Just woke this morning and realized that my D is going to be in a cast above her elbow for the state testing in March. She tore a ligament, is in terrible pain now writing and driving so the surgery is scheduled over President's Day weekend. Even changing til after the test, I don't know that she would be able to complete duefill to the pain. She is a very bright girl (3.9) and does notwant to put these off until next year when she will be preparing for several AP exams. Has anyone heard of a school making accomodations and having someone fill in the the scan sheet and write the short answers?</p>

<p>You need to contact your school. Ask to speak to whomever deals with accommodations. There should be someone who does so. You will need medical documentation of the issue and the need for this accommodation. The school will need to draft a 504 accommodation plan for your child. Otherwise the state likely won't allow any kinds of accommodations. I would suggest you make this call ASAP. They need to arrange the meeting to discuss this, draw up the plan, and have a way to implement it once the testing time comes. It is very unlikely that your child will be allowed to take the test at alternate times unless she is out of school during the testing. However , there are other accommodations that could be put in place such as a someone to bubble in the answers for her.</p>

<p>Have you considered scheduling the surgery during the testing so that your daughter would then NEED to take it at an alternate time?</p>

<p>I have notified the school and surprisingly the assistant principal answered me today and said they would start looking into it. She is having the surgery now because she is in a great deal of pain and because of some service days etc she has a five day window where she is off school coming up. Her school does not get an extended spring break so that is not even an option. Thank you for your info, much appreciated.</p>

<p>You will have to contact the school. Fillout paperwork for a 504 accommodation (which you can get for your GC or who ever handles SPED services at your school). have the doctor fill out and sign the form. Do it ASAP because the form has to be approved by the school and the school will have to set up the accommodation before the test so you want to make sure you have the time to get everything in place.</p>

<p>Yes, she can get an accommodations for a scribe so that she can her to dictate her essay and to bubble in the answers for her.</p>