Statement of purpose, accomplishments

Hi! I’m writing my SOP essay for Pepperdine business school. Under the SOP this is the prompt “Describe your three most important accomplishments to date that exemplify a Best For world leader. You may address civic service, community service, and volunteer work, if applicable, as well as work-related and entrepreneurial endeavors.” So, right now I have a perfect (in my mind) essay, talking about my accomplishments (2 are work related, one is volunteer) and I incorporate the Best for world leader view point (specific to Pepperdine) I then googled a SOP example and all of them are nothing like mine. They talk about goals with the degree and future career goals, specific to the degree.
My question is, which should I do more of? The Pepperdine prompt, or a traditional SOP? How do I do both of those?

Notes: went to Pepperdine for undergrad. Best for world leader has to do with certain characteristics of a person, so I did my accomplishments based on those.