statistics program at Yale

<p>I have been placed in the PhD program waitlist of Yale in statistics. Is there anyone who know about the program at Yale? Is the program strong? What life is like for the PhD students there, and do they stand a good chance for jobs in industry or economics? Since I also got the offer from Duke which has a very strong program in statistics especially in Bayesian Analysis, I feel it is difficult for me to compare these two schools. As I have never been to these two schools, I would be more than happy if anyone could tell me something about these two programs. Location, reputation, connections between students and professors, job opportunities after graduation anything.</p>

<p>Congratulations but I think you'll find most people on this forum to be HS students. You should probably speak with former instructors of yours in the field. Now is the time to call them up. Duke and Yale are different environments for sure. I was undergrad at Yale and my roommate dated a Duke coed. We would travel down there go get out of the cold! I think Yale's graduate environment (with access to NYC and Boston) would be more appealing than Durham, IMHO.</p>