Statistics XL10 Anxiety...

Hi guys,

Just needed to vent. I finished my Stats class on Saturday and our professor told us he would post the grades yesterday. I have seen my final exam score and it’s not good. It majorly brought down my grade, as it was worth 45% of the total. I studied so hard all week, for nothing. I seriously worked my ass off all semester.

Now I have a D in the class. :frowning: From what I’ve heard, the vast majority of other students in my class felt horrible about the exam and did just as badly as me. I need a C grade to transfer to UCLA this fall, and have to submit my Extension transcript by July 1st. My professor is not reachable by phone, email, or Canvas. I am freaking out. He didn’t post our final (total) grade on MyExtension yet and I am seriously worried that the curve won’t be enough (even though I’ve heard he grades on a big curve). If I don’t pass this class, UCLA could rescind me. It is my only transferable college-level math course. I can’t get a D, D+, or C-. Has to be a C or above. I need about 9 points for that to be possible. My whole future hangs in the balance, and it’s incredibly nerve-wracking. Any words of support? It’s so hard to stay calm about this!!

“UCLA could rescind me”

Sorry bud. Could is not the word you should be using. UCLA WILL rescind you.

I’d wait and see what the curve is, if everyone did badly it could be pretty significant.

Don’t trouble trouble, until trouble troubles you

Thanks @luckie1367. I appreciate your helpful comment.

@LuckyName seriously- if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Didn’t you ever see Bambi? god…

I mean that UCLA could rescind me IF the curve isn’t weighted highly enough. I have had some very challenging extenuating circumstances this semester. Be mindful of others.

@rileyc21 oh god. how old are you? I am simply stating a FACT. But fine let me lie to you.

If you get a D in your only college level math course, you’ll most likely still get in. Don’t worry about it.

@LuckyName I’m sorry you feel the need to be so condescending. That must be terribly unpleasant.

@rileyc21 the fact that everyone did badly (more or less) and he grades on the curve, could mean it will work out. Just stay strong. You said you sent him an email? Did you explain the situation? He may be reading them even if he is not responding. Worst case scenario, you have to plead with UCLA and explain the grading situation. Is there any rate my professor bad reviews that can substantiate your claim? Is it too late to sign up for summer courses somewhere? If you can still do it you should get in it, then if it does go badly, you will be retaking in summer and hopefully have something to substantiate the grading problems. Hopefully, it does not come to that.

@lindyk8 Thank you.

I did email him and explain my situation - I hope everything’s ok with him/his family!

I think your advice is really good, my backup plan is to just sign up for it in summer and retake it, and explain my circumstances to UCLA (in case). Nothing is going to stop me from being successful.

I’m being really neurotic about all this, but I’ve been told I have little to worry about - the professor in question is a really educated and intelligent guy who doesn’t seem to know how to dumb down the material to a level that’s comprehensible for the students taking his class. I think he knows this which is why he has a big curve - 85% of students are supposed to pass. I’ve never done so poorly on an exam that I felt so prepared for! It totally blindsided me.

Just hoping I don’t have to endure this wait for much longer…

@rileyc21, You’re no more neurotic than anyone. I’m a parent and the wait ate away at me. There’s so much at stake. The fact that you can still get into a summer class is great news, should it come down to that.

I have, in fact, seen students allowed to retake D grades in summer. But there appears to be a good chance it will work out and he’ll grade fairly. Let us know!

UPDATE! It looks like everyone did horribly in my class, because according to the (very fair UCLA-EX) curve, I got an A-. All that worrying for nothing! Nothing will stop me, muahaha!!

yay! Congrats!

pfffahahahaha congrats @rileyc21

Wow, great turnaround. Congrats!

Lol thank you everyone