<p>What are the statistics for accepted freshman into Princeton University?Example: GPA; SAT; ACT; High School courses; Extra curriculars; Clubs; anything relevant.
Thank You!</p>

<p>It's very difficult to give "statistics" for GPA, ECs, and Clubs, because they all vary by schools/people's interests and passions. As far as ECs and clubs go, be passionate about SOMETHING. Whether it's the trumpet or endangered lemurs or whatever. For standardized test scores, check out <a href=""&gt;;/a>. These are the stats from that website: SAT Critical Reading: 680 - 800, SAT Math: 690 - 790, SAT Writing: 680 - 770. ACT Composite: 30 - 34. Don't be misled by the numbers; there are plenty of perfect SAT scorers who get rejected every year. It may also seem that the ACT average is comparatively low when juxtaposed with the SAT average, but keep in mind that the majority of those who use the ACT come from the Midwest and submit SAT scores as well. Successful applicants to Princeton usually take the hardest courses available to them (AP, IB) at their respective schools. Hope I was of some help.</p>

<p>1 person got into Princeton over the past 2 years from our school..........</p>